Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dr. Organics

I got an e-mail the other day that felt slightly spammy, even though it was addressed to me personally and individually, and was sent to me via a website where I have published some health/nutrition articles. The writer wanted to know what I thought of this product, and this was my response:

If you want my honest opinion, I'm a little wary of most supplements to begin with, and am especially wary of "mega-supplements" like this. First off, when experts say to eat X servings of fruits and vegetables a day, I think that they mean eating the actual fruits and vegetables, with all the natural fiber, sugar, etc. in them, not just the vitamin or antioxidant equivalent of X servings of fruits and vegetables. Secondly, I think supplements like these actually encourage bad eating habits -- especially when the products are being marketed as something to use on a daily basis -- because they lead people to think that taking this product relieves them of eating actual vegetables. Just a few weeks ago at work I had someone ask me how many servings of green vegetables a tablespoon of spirulina was "equivalent" to. I find it incredibly hard to believe that any powder or pill can replace or replicate all the nutritional benefits of actual fruits and vegetables. Thirdly, I think there is also a psychic benefit to eating actual, whole foods -- which would you rather have, a ripe, juicy orange, or some powder mixed in water?

That said, I don't think products like this are really bad for you in any way, and I've even been known to mix some spirulina/greens or protein powder in a smoothie now and then, but I think these products should be used only for an occasional boost, and not as an an everyday supplement. Good health comes from eating whole, unprocessed foods, drinking lots of water, exercising, and avoiding stress, not from taking pills or powders.

EDIT, 102908: I'm getting lots and lots of traffic on this one old entry. If you googled "Dr. Organics" and wound up here, you might be interested in another, more detailed entry I made on the subject: Dr. Organic redux.


Opal said...

Excellent Answer and I agree with your completely. I have loved ones, and acquaintances ask me this continually. I tell them something similar to what you have and let them know that the nutrients listed on the bottle will not all be absorbed by their body. That usually confuses them since they automatically assume they will be getting everything. I tell them a healthier choice is to consume whole foods.

They need to make that their main source of foods, exercise, stay positive, and when they do have stress think of ways they can address it without "Stressing themselves out." :-)

Opal Tribble/Vegan Momma

Sonya said...

That's an excellent point about absorption. After all, the human body evolved to derive its nutrition from, ya know, actual food, not from powders and pills.

Jim McEnroe said...

Some of the comments you say may be true, but check out the eating habits of most Americans, especially young people. Fast food is their only food source, if that! Not only that, we are spreading our bad habits throughout the world. I would rather promote Dr. Organics than McDonalds, Zoloft, and GREED.

If people want to use All Natural, Organic food supplements and are concerned about overdosing, cut the intake. A little bit goes along way.

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Founder of Dr. Organics said...

First of all, I am the founder of Dr. Organcis, I typically would not take the time to respond to a blog, other than my own at, but I find it a bit disturbing to see people that know nothing about my company posting such assumptions. We founded this company on truth. Truth that is published with JAMA, AMA, ACS..all the governing societies of our country when it comes to health and prevention. We have over 22 year of experience in the nutrition industry and were so discussed at the false claims, false labeling, false advertising, "false"....YOU NAME IT! That is why we started our company! We were FED UP! We are here to make a difference! Our goal is to teach and train and educate people on the truths of nutrition through RESEARCH. Opal and Sonya, I am sorry that you have not taken the time to research my company before lumping it into the "powders and pills" category. We are not like the others. We have 4 small children and have poured our life into creating products (through research and science with some of the most demanding Dr. in the field), to leave a legacy of truth on this planet before we leave it! We are extrememly passionate about exposing the lies and misconceptions of what our country believes and what our country is being "sold". I am more than happy to have a personal conversation with both of you to give you the real facts. I don't know what your "friends" have told you, but if I were you, I would go to the source to find out the truth. Feel free to go to my site and contact me personally.
I wish you health, happiness and blessings-
Nancy Leavitt
President and Founder
Dr. Organics