Friday, January 11, 2008

a simple yet amazing breakfast

In the winter my breakfast usually consists of some combination of grains, fruits and/or nuts, sweetener, and soymilk. This morning it was rolled oats, dried currants, fresh bartlett pear (peeled and diced), and raw walnuts, drizzled with local maple syrup, with a dash of Real Salt. And it was so good. I have a tendency to fall back on rolled oats because they're easy to cook: since I make tea every morning anyway, I can just pour the boiling water over a bowl of oats, stir, and the cover it with a plate while my tea steeps. But I'll bet this would have been good with bulgar, too. (I don't think I even have any bulgar on hand right now, horrors.) I usually put the dried fruit in there early, too, so that it has a chance to plump up a bit, and I think I should have put the pear in early too so that it could soften a bit more, but the pear was an afterthought while I was standing around in the kitchen waiting for my tea. My attempts at matching a complementary tea to food are usually hit and miss, but today was a hit: the rich, slightly musky flavor of the Earl Grey set off the sweetness of the pear and maple quite nicely.


place sandwich here said...

Hey Sonya,

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have some bad news though-

I don't even want to think about how scary this is. I like your blog and will add you to my blogroll.

Mark Knowles

Alejandra said...

I know what you mean about having a difficult time matching tea to food. It's almost more complicated than wine. Now I think I might have to research a bit about tea pairing for my own blog...

Sonya said...

Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by. The Ice Rocks site won't load on my crappy old computer, but I'm still terrified by the prospect of individually wrapped ice cubes.

Alejandra: I'm afraid I'm a heathen who doesn't "get" wine at all. I mean, I can tell that one wine tastes different from another, but I'm no good with the whole "rich, plummy flavor with undertones reminiscent of sweat socks and fresh-picked violets, pairs well with roasted wild bore" thing.