Sunday, March 9, 2008

spring fever

It's so depressing to come to work this time of year... okay, it's kind of depressing to come to work year 'round. But now, after a long northern winter, when spring is finally starting to make itself known and when so much is happening, I hate having to come in to work and spend more or less all the daylight hours cooped up indoors.

So sometimes I walk to work. It's only about two miles, but it's partly uphill, and then once I'm at work I'm on my feet all day, doing a lot of heavy lifting and going up and down stairs, so walking to work means that I'm going to be pretty exhausted by the time I go home again, so I can't do it every day.

But today it was warm (like, in the 30s) and sunny and beautiful, and I made myself slightly late for work walking here and dawdling along the way. There were chickadees singing their spring song, and nuthatches doing their courtship/nesting dance, and I heard a woodpecker drumming. The creeks aren't melted yet, but if you get close enough you can hear the water rushing under their skin of ice and snow. A little exhaustion is worth it for birds and creeks and fresh air and sunshine in the springtime.

I've been at work for four hours now, and I've got another four hours to go. Stupid breakroom doesn't even have a window. I want to go back outside again.

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