Friday, May 16, 2008

new blog announcement

I have stepped into the realm of paid and semi-professional blogging, and have started a blog over at, and I'd really like it if you gave it a visit and would let me know what you think. I'm still fiddling around with it,and am slowly getting used to the wordpress-based interface, but the basic structure is there, and I've got a few posts up.

At All Natural Cat, I'll be writing about safe, healthy, eco-friendly cat care, and will address topics like canned food vs. dry food, indoor vs. outdoor cats, and homemade, recycled, or otherwise green cat toys and furniture. Today I wrote about growing your own catnip.

We've got two kitties (Emily and Bill, at left) that we are trying to raise if not all naturally, at least as naturally as we can. We are inching towards a raw/all-meat diet for the both of them and we're trying to treat illnesses holistically rather than just throwing medication or crappy prescription food at them. I also make many of their toys by hand (okay, most of them are crumpled up paper balls or empty cardboard boxes but, hey, it works).

I'm going to try to post to it every weekday at least. Please stop by and say hi.


Chris said...

Thassa lot of kittyposting. I salute you. Emily and Bill save the world, between advertisements. ;)

troutbirder said...

Great blog as I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of interesting nature topics. Duluth is a great air conditioned city on our way to Sawbill in the heat of summer.

Sonya said...

Chris: Yeah, sadly I can't do anything about all the ads over has got to make money somehow, I guess. But yes, Em and Bill and I must savve all the world's cats!

troutbirder: Thanks. I originally started this blog as a sort of all-purpose green living blog, but it's sort of morphed into mostly nature stuff. But that's good, too. :)