Friday, November 21, 2008

accidental science

When I brought my geraniums in from the outside to try to overwinter them, the flowers looked like this, bright pink and deeply saturated. I originally had them out on the indoor landing outside the apartment where there is a west facing window, but then decided that I wanted to bring them inside the apartment so that I could enjoy the flowers more, not just say hello when I was coming or going. At first I put them in my studio, which has windows on the north and east and gets a lot of indirect light but practically no direct light. Then, when the next batch of flowers blossomed, they looked like this:

Pure, bright white at the edges, and pink only in the center. All the flowers that have bloomed since I brought the plant in the apartment are like this. So, when geraniums are denied light, the flowers lose their color. I had no idea this happened. This feels like seventh grade science fair all over again.

Now the geranium are in a south facing window, in the sunniest place in the house. Stay tuned for what kind of flowers I get.

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