Saturday, March 20, 2010


If you, gosh darn it, just can't get enough of me, stuff that I write can currently be found in a few more places:

1.) I've been writing a regular outdoors column for Zenith City News. The paper comes out every three-ish weeks, and for the time being my column appears on a rotating basis with a couple other columns, so it's kind of sporadic, but there it is. Here's a direct link to my most recent column. Next one should be in early June--or sooner if the paper gets more advertisers and can expand.

2.) I started an Urban Nature blog at the beginning of the year, with the idea of making this blog more geared towards homesteading. And now that I've publicly announced that, maybe I'll actually get around to sorting out links and making a new banner.

3.) I have just been invited to blog for Urban Garden Casual. I don't have anything up there quite yet, but soon will be making two posts a week.


Tegan said...

FYI, the Zenith city news links do not work, but I still found your articles by searching because gosh darn it, I can't..

Sonya said...

Yeah, I guess they're redesigning the website. I'll change the links once the site is stable/up/finished. Thanks for stalking me! :)