Wednesday, January 9, 2013

hello again

It's not really true to say that I am "not working" right now, I'm just not bringing in any income.  But I am spending a couple hours every day working on my novel (which I've been working on sporadically for years, which now in the editing phase needs so much work because I did work on it so sporadically while writing the first draft) and I have been making some small strides in artmaking too.  Plus I take care of home stuff and soon I'll be working garden stuff too (I can start seeds indoors in just a few weeks).  My partner's income pays the bills, and we both get do work we enjoy.  I usually take weekends "off" of writing, but by Sunday night I'm itching to get back to it.  I've never felt that way about any outside job that I've had.  I love to cook and garden, don't mind laundry, and can usually get my partner to do the dishes.  At night we make dinner together and usually play some game (I am totally wiping the floor with him in rummy this month) and on weekends we go frolic.  It's a very good life.

So I have been feeling fairly homestead-y lately and have been thinking I might restart the blog.  Also, I've been looking at freelance gigs and thought it would be good to have an active blog again to prove that I am charming and I know things.  So here I am.  Expect more posts on urban homesteading, living simply and radically, nature observations, maybe some musings about art and writing.

In the mean time, here's a photo of a mutant carrot from my garden last year. 


Anonymous said...

Good luck at getting back to blogging, however infrequent it might be!

Sonya said...

Thanks ratatosk! For the longest time LJ was too buggy for me to even log in, and most of the people on my friends list weren't posting much anyway, so before recently I hadn't read your LJ in a long, long time. Looks like you're not posting too much either, but I miss reading what you wrote. You don't seem like the facebook kind of person, but if you are I can be found there, too.