Monday, March 30, 2009

published in Mother Earth News!

This isn't a blog where I crow about getting published or other writing stuff (I'll probably put something like that together later, when I have more clips; tried doing a free thing with wordpress but I don't like their layout, and I don't want to pay for a real website yet) but I had a little something published in Mother Earth News, and just noticed today (thank you google alerts!) that they put it on their website, and since it is relevant to the blog I will put a link to it here. Mother Earth News is one of my dream publications, and even though this is just a little "reader tip" thing, and probably doesn't count as a real published clip, and even though they edited my sentences slightly so that they're not how I wrote them and they sound (I think) a little more awkward now, it is still sort of thrilling to see my name and Mother Earth News together in such close proximety.


megan said...

Awesome! I love Mother Earth so much.
I didn't know that you could freeze canning jars. The temperature doesn't affect them? I've been wanting to do some heavy freezing during the summers, but hate all of the plastic "freezerware" stuff. I see tons of canning jars at garage sales, so that would be the perfect solution.

Sonya said...

Yes, you can freeze canning jars! Just leave a little bit of room on top for the contents to expand... I've frozen soup and beans and stuff and have not had any problems. The only issue is that since canning jars are round they take up a bit more space in the freezer than square plastic containers.

And, hey, you're posting again! I'm going to have to go catch up on your blog now.

LifeUnplugged said...

Congratulations, how awesome to be published in Mother Earth News!!!

Sonya said...

Thank you!