Friday, March 20, 2009

equinox flowers

I got a few miraculous days off work this week, and I made plans, but thanks to the weather and Alamo's car rental policies those plans fell through, so I'm stuck at home on a grey, cold, icy spring equinox weekend.

But it ain't all bad. My geranium flowered again today, for the first time since November. Check it out:

The flower stalk juts out fourteen inches from the nearest joint, and the entire stem that the flower stalk is on is twenty six inches, making it by far the tallest of the entire pot. It's so tall that it's pressed up against the ceiling; it would probably grow taller if I let it, but if it hangs any lower it is in danger of being cat-accessible. This is the geranium in the south-facing window; the west-facing geranium is still merrily chugging along, but it hasn't put out any fresh flower stalks yet.

And look how pink it is!

So if my theory is correct, and that geraniums in lower light conditions produce white flowers, it would make sense that now that the days are getting longer and the sunlight is getting stronger, that the plant would not only flower again, but that it would come out hot pink. And right on the equinox!

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